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Grove GMK5150L soon to arrive at WATM

WATM is expecting the first five-axle Grove GMK5150L, 150 tonne mobile crane in Australia in December.  The five-axle GMK5150L has the best load charts in its class, both when working in taxi configuration - for the most convenient road travel - and when configured with maximum counterweight for optimal capacity. 

This 150 t capacity crane has a compact design that offer owners improved on-site maneuverability.  The GMK5150L replaces the GMK5130-2 in the product line.

Maximum counterweight for the GMK5150L is an impressive 44.5 t and allows the crane to achieve an overall load chart increase of 20% over the GMK5130-2. Up to 7.9 t of counterweight can be carried in taxi configuration (when configured with a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 12 t per axle - a common axle load limit in many countries).

With a capacity of 11.6 t with its boom fully extended to 60 m, the GMK5150L is ideal for tower crane assembly or other applications where strength at height is required. Boosting the cranes’ overall reach is an 18 m bi-fold swing-away jib which can be extended with two 8 m lattice extensions for a total jib length of 34 m. The jib also offers an improved offset of 50°. 

The GMK5150L comes fitted with Manitowoc's latest Common Control System (CCS), disc brakes and integrated reverse and winch cameras.  The GMK5150L also comes with optional two part heavy duty rooster sheave, 270 degrees "bird view" camera and water retarder.  All cranes come supplied with Cranimax lift planning software.

Contact Roger Cross on 0458 082 353 or for more information.