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HIAB Semi Automatic Folding (SAF) - Safety and Control with Just One Lever!

Folding and unfolding a knuckleboom crane has always involved an element of risk. Until now. Semi Automatic Folding (SAF) makes it easy, safe and fast.

Semi Automatic Folding (SAF) increases productivity and reduces the risk of costly damage by making it fast and easy for any operator to park the crane in a safe and controlled way. Both folding and unfolding can be performed with a single control lever, rather than individually operating slewing, first boom, second boom and extension movements.

SAF is automatically included in Crane Tip Control (CTC), a function which is available for a number of HIAB loader cranes with HiPro control system. CTC makes it possible to operate the crane in horizontal and vertical positions, making crane operation much easier compared to operating each cylinder function individually. SAF is also available for purchase as an add-on for X-type knuckleboom cranes with HiPro (without CTC) and for the HiDuo HIAB control systems.

SAF feature
Semi-Automatic Folding (SAF) is a feature that allows the operator to fold and unfold the boom system in one single sequence, using only one lever. SAF is available both for XSDrive 6 levers and for XSDrive joystick controllers.

SAF function
The folding and unfolding is operated to/from normal folded position (Napoleon folding). It is one, fixed sequence of movements. The operator decides the speed of the movements adjusting the lever stroke. More information on how to use this feature can be found in the Operator’s Manual for HIAB X-HiDuo 138/158/188/228 and in CTC and SAF Tech News.

For more information, get in touch with our HIAB Product Specialists on 08 9271 8000.