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HIAB X-HIPRO Mid-Range Cranes - A Mid-Range Crane for Every Need

 When it comes to performance, HIAB X-HiPro mid-range cranes truly have it all. Besides the advantages of their geometry and construction, they have the advantage of the market’s very best control system: HIAB HiPro.

Top precision and productivity
HIAB HiPro mid-range cranes are designed with the very best in hydraulic valve technology – which gives you the very best from your crane. The newly optimised V200 valve can handle variable pump oil flows up to 200 l/min, combined with rapid oil regeneration. Not only does this keep the oil cooler, it lets you perform advanced duties with the very highest speed and accuracy.

Control that saves time and fuel
The instant response from the X-HiPro remote control system is nothing short of extraordinary. Pump low Distribution (PFD) keeps the crane’s movements in perfect proportion to your control movements, and the high flow of oil lets you perform a large number of actions simultaneously.  Because the oil can be supplied with a variable oil pump,no more oil is pumped than necessary. That ensures the lowest possible fuel consumption, which means lower emissions as well.

Protection for both crane and load
Safety is a given with an X-HiPro mid-range crane, thanks to an abundance of intelligent control features. Some of these prevent operator actions that might damage the crane itself. Others automatically dampen unwanted forces, reducing dynamic stress on the crane and keeping the load stable at all times.

Added capacity – without lost time
Perhaps the best control features are the ones that boost capacity when you need it most – without interrupting your work. Automatic Duty Control (ADC) and Automatic Speed Control (ASC) engage directly, without any stops or manual actions. These features, together with the best hydraulic system on
the market, boost capacity by up to 30%.

Please contact our Product Manager Jake Stone on 0448 890 071 or for more information on the X-HiPro mid-range cranes.