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“Manitowoc, Designing a New Lifting Experience with Synthetic Fibre Technology”

Manitowoc have partnered with Samson, a company that specialises in Dyneema products. As such Manitowoc are now the first to market with a Dyneema synthetic winch rope product. This product was the talk of the 2014 CICA Conference held in Sydney in September.

The new rope is approved for use on some Grove Rough Terrain Crane models and will also soon be an option on the Grove All Terrain Crane range.

This new rope technology will improve jobsite efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership:

  • Manitowoc believe that the reduced maintenance cost could more than offset the cost of the rope itself
  • 80% lighter weight for easy handling and faster reeving
  • No greasing or cleaning or broken wires,
  • Reduction of common damage due to:
    • Load spin, Bird caging, Kinking and diving
  • Reduced lifting apparatus weight and floor space for installation.