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Manitowoc MLC650 with VPC-MAX - Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift

 WATM are currently commissioning a new Manitowoc MLC650 with VPC-Max for Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift.

The build of this 700 tonne capacity crane, taking place south of Perth involves the set-up of Manitowoc's new proprietary Variable Position Counterweight.  This technology reduces the maximum counterweight to only 400 tonne, located only on the rear of the machine and eliminates the need for additional front carbody counterweight.  The VPC-Max provides class leading lift capacities and under track ground bearing pressures whilst also vastly reducing mobilisation and ground preparation costs.

This new machine can also be inspected on-site at set times throughout the Perth CICA Conference, so please visit the WATM stand for more information.