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Recent Crane Deliveries - December 2016 E-News

 Moffett M5 25.3PL Truck Mounted Forklift 

Supplying machinery, equipment, and vehicles into the dangerous goods sector of the transport industry is an area that many companies steer away from. Machinery needs to be modified to eliminate any chance of accidental fire or detonation of explosive materials.  Operator safety becomes a priority, and the machinery is required to be fitted with both an automatic rollover shut down and fire suppression system. All up, every possible risk needs to be mitigated.

WATM Crane Sales and Services is proud to have been able to achieve such requirements with the supply of a new Moffett M5 25.3PL truck mounted forklift that delivers dangerous goods to underground mines. The machine is built to meet dangerous goods regulations as well as have the ability to offload trucks from one side. Along with all the usual forklift capabilities, the Moffett M5 has a pantograph function that allows it to reach across the bed of any truck and unload the entire truck from one side, without compromising stability and safety.

For more information on the Moffett M5, please contact James (Wes) Wesley on 0499 106 333
Baileys Fertilisers - STILL RX70-25T Forklift Trucks 

responsibilities (CSR). The public eye watches and reacts to what a company does and how it does it. At the top of the public's concerns is our beautiful Western Australian environment. Bailey’s Fertilisers are proud of their long tradition of quality and value. Their commitment does not stop with the manufacturing of a product but includes the entire operating process. Taking their motto of “Helping Australia Grow Towards a Greener Future” is more than just supplying a top quality product and service, it means going green at another level. Building a greener world also means reducing the environmental footprint. To help achieve a more sustainable future, Bailey’s have chosen to run STILL RX70-25T hybrid forklifts from WATM Crane Sales and Services in their production plant.

The STILL RX70-25T is a gas-electric hybrid machine that delivers low operating cost, environmentally friendly operation, and 95% of the components are recyclable at the end of the machines life. From an operator’s point of view, the RX70-25T offers all the modern safety perks. The view from the driver’s seat is exceptional, the machine is extremely stable, and if you are not safely secured in the driver’s seat, the machine will not operate.  CO2 emissions are kept down by the use of electric power and gas.  Gas burns cleaner and the production of gas has less impact on the environment.

WATM Crane Sales and Services are proud to be able to offer Australia the high quality and socially responsible range of forklifts from STILL. The range includes gas-electric hybrids, diesel-electric hybrids, and full electric forklifts. Complementing the forklifts, WATM offers electric and manual pallet jacks, full electric reach trucks, electric stock pickers, and high torque electric tugger for pulling warehouse and airport