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The Importance of  Correct Engineering

So to expand your business, you have reached into your savings and purchased a new Vehicle Loader Crane. Excellent, you are on your way to expansion. But have you ever considered the long term costs of a poorly fitted crane? It all looks relatively straightforward, but the reality is there is an enormous amount of engineering that goes into getting it right.

You know what you need to lift, and you have chosen a vehicle to carry the load. The subframe needs to be designed to carry the weight without compromising the integrity of the chassis and the stability of the overall machine. What size subframe do you need, do you need side plating and cross bracing. All of this needs to be engineered to get the best combination of stability, flexibility, and strength.

The engineering equation for this is no little feat. The depth of the truck chassis, the thickness of the chassis, tensile strength, side plate size, distance between braces and ladder sections all play a structural part. Then add that the vehicle is driving down the road at 100 km/h and hitting lumps and bumps. All of this causes masses amounts of stress through a vehicle. Missing one small part of the equation can cost you a lot of money.

Money spent on the installation of a crane to a vehicle is not a hidden or extra cost. It is, in fact, the primary spend that you need to be considering. If you cut corners at this part to save a few dollars you are setting your business expansion up for failure. No one wants a broken chassis.

Here at WATM® and in conjunction with HIAB ‘s engineering department, our staff like to take the time to get this part of the job right.