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The "New Generation" of Five-Axle All Terrain Cranes has arrived!

 The first of the New Generation five-axle cranes by Manitowoc, the Grove GMK5250L has a 250 t capacity and offers the strongest reach and load chart of any five-axle crane.  It is also the first mobile crane to feature a VIAB turbo clutch and integrated retarder.  The VIAB turbo clutch eliminates both fluid overheating and clutch burning and enables the best manoeuvrability and class-leading driver comfort.  These Grove cranes also offer excellent roadability with its below 12 t per axle configuration, leaving room for additional equipment that can be added later.

The GMK5250L is powered by a single engine - a concept pioneered by Grove on its highly successful Grove GMK6400.  On the GMK5250L, the engine is a Tier IV, six cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM471L driving the carrier and powering the superstructure.  A single engine means lower fuel consumption during operation, reduced overall weight and less maintenance, meaning the crane is far more economical.  The GMK5250L offers fuel savings of up to 30% from its predecessor.

Other features of the New Generation five-axle machines include: CCS (Crane Control System) which is being implemented across all Manitowoc products, heavy roadable counterweight as standard, disc brakes, redesigned carrier cabin, 5 position outriggers and active suspension control.

Also being released are the Grove GMK5180-1 and the Grove GMK5200-1.  These new five-axle cranes will be available in 2016.