Hiab offers customers a complete product line with a wide range of outreach and lifting capacity featuring the most modern crane technology available, technology that has been developed by Hiab to make certain their products will operate at peak performance year after year with a minimum of maintenance and provides operators with a safer, more comfortable, more efficient working environment.
You stay  competitive with HIAB loader cranes.  Whether your business depends on heavy lifting, fast loading cycles or the most delicate precision—or all of the above—HIAB loader cranes are all about performance at your fingertips.  Their combination of control, safety and reliability is one no other loader crane can match. 

 Hiab Knuckle Boom Crane

HIAB truck cranes are engineered and built better to work harder and last longer. HIAB crane owners expect long term dependability and value and with over 60 models to choose from, there’s a HIAB truck mounted crane just right for your application. Truck crane models range in capacities from 0.8 up to 100 tonne meters with long reaches out to 35 meters. HIAB's superior hydraulic systems give you unmatched control of the crane and advanced ergonomic designs ensure operator comfort.

   Hiab T-Series Light Crane

The Hiab T-series light weight cranes with hybrid technology range from 1.2 to 3.5 ton metre lift capacity. Designed for easy mounting on pickups and light trucks, the new cranes deliver the highest quality and durability and are particularly easy to use, thanks to the advanced functionality of the steering system. The T-Series has been developed to meet a vast range of applications, particularly in the construction, civil engineering and energy industries.

Hiab Stiff Boom Cranes

A powerful hoisting crane with a long lifetime, easy to service and maintain and with high quality built-in features. Hiab is renowned for ingenious boom design. The use of laser cutting, high quality steel and a hexagonal boom profile with only one weld to ensure our customers a high payload. Benefit from a boom system that is tight, powerful and durable, has compact dimensions and is low weight.  Hiab have focused on the need for a strong and durable motor, a large hoist drum and mechanism providing the speed and capacity you need for each and every hoisting application.


Hiab VSL from WATM on Vimeo.

 VSL (Variable Stability Limit) 

A newly developed safety function that provides confident load handling for the operator 
It's all about vehicle stability – at one time or another most drivers have experienced how dangerously close they've been to a vehicle's stability limit e.g. when one of the support legs is not correctly in contact with the ground.

At Hiab we like to push the envelope, so we've made sure that the crane's capacity is automatically optimized to the prevailing stability limit.

Remote Control

Hiab's HiPro series increases efficiency with eight lever remote control CombiDrive². The new CombiDrive² makes controlling of cranes using more than six functions easier and more user-friendly. Robust, ergonomic design makes CombiDrive² a perfect work mate for various situations.

Intelligence Systems

All electronic functions are managed by the SPACE system, which is a computer devised to intelligently assist you in operating your crane. The SPACE electronics are housed in a 100% weather-proof casing and is extremely reliable and easy to use. On the front of the casing a number of indicators clearly show vital information to the operator. As an example, the pressure in the two cylinders is displayed continuously. Observing these indicators proves very useful when positioning the booms for lifting loads at maximum capacity. The SPACE intelligence system is available in three different configurations, each one with an increasing number of advanced and productive functions 

 Moffett truck-mounted forklifts offer outstanding versatility and are unrivalled in performance and reliability.  Equipped with the latest features for optimised load handling they help you master typical load handling challenges.

Where delivery schedules are tight, delivery conditions are confined and customer expectations are high, Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted forklifts are built to offer solutions to all the major challenges of operating a load handling business. 

We offer machines for almost any application, light to heavy weight, extreme off-road capability or urban use. Having studied our clients’ industries, we have developed machines that will make a difference to the way you make deliveries. 

 Moffett Truck-Mounted Forklift

  • Faster delivery results in improved operating efficiency and allows you to deliver more goods in less time.
  • No more waiting on offloading equipment/personnel on site.
  • Negotiate confined areas, including one side offloading.
  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Reduce product damage during transport, on-and offloading.
  • Deliver anytime, being entirely independent from other offloading equipment and personnel.
  • Pick and choose your load order as you can access and offload from any location of the vehicle.

Moffett One Sided Off-Loading

  • Telescopic Forks—Provide up to an extra metre and consists of  a standard fork with a second extendable fork.
  • Pantograph Forks—pantograph or scissor forks provide an extra metre of reach across the bed of the truck.
  • Support Rollers—The Moffett telemount is a boom operated Truck-mounted Forklift.  It provides a reach of over 2 metres and the load is simultaneously supported by rollers on the boom to allow for movement over the truck or trailer bed.  The long boom stroke ensures full reach to the far side of the truck or trailer.

   Multi Directional 4-Way System

All wheels can be turned for travelling sideways when handling long loads and/or negotiating tight access areas or narrow openings 
Lift Assist © System

The combination of a pantograph reach device or telescopic forks and a LIFT ASSIST© arm allow loading/ unloading from the far side of a fully laden truck or trailer at full lift capacity

Remote Ground Mount ™

The Ground Mount™ System allows the operator to conveniently and safely dismount/mount the Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted forklift from ground level in under 60 seconds by simply using a wireless remote control unit. 

 MULTILIFT offer a wide range of hooklifts and skiploaders suitable for all your needs. Add smart control systems and a wide variety of options. Along with outstanding services you have adaptable and durable solutions built to perform. MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders provide market leading productivity and reliability, giving you the edge over load handling challenges. No matter if you move bulky materials, high-volume waste, gravel, metal scrap or containerised equipment you stay competitive with MULTILIFT demountables. MULTILIFT demountables deliver the most capacity you can get for the weight and without sacrificing stability or control. Besides high strength for the weight, you get balance, speed, flexibility and smooth operation to manage the toughest of tasks, without compromising safety or quality.


A New Generation Skiploader - Multilift Futura from WATM on Vimeo.


 Multilift Futura

Owners and operators of skiploaders know: the challenge to perform starts over every day. Again and again, you are put to the test — expected to work smarter and faster. And not only in easy conditions, but also where streets are narrow and obstacles unpredictable. Now we are introducing a new-generation skiploader designed to lift you to new levels of productivity, safety and flexibility. With over 100 smart innovations, the MULTILIFT Futura is built to perform, today and tomorrow. Here are just a few of the advancements you gain. 
  • EvoLight™ construction means more payload
  • Distinctive SwanNeck™ increases reach
  • FlexControl™ offers freedom of control
  • SkipTop™ covers any load — automatic, fast and safe
  • SafetyPlus™ boosts safety for both operator and surroundings

   Multilift Hooklift

With both sliding and tilting movement, a low lifting angle and the ability to handle a variety of body lengths, this hooklift is practically the definition of versatility. 

Multilift is well suited for many construction, landscape and recycling applications because the operator can use one truck and the Multilift to transport, haul and dump a large selection of bodies. With the Multilift it is possible to turn one truck into a multipurpose fleet.

Multilift Hooklift features advanced hydraulic and control systems that allow simple one person, in-cab operation. The lightweight construction with high tensile steel and tipping cylinders allows more payload, increases stability and extends equipment life. Multilift models are specially designed with large and durable shafts and sealed bearings that require a minimum of service.

Hydraulic frame locks and automatic rear body locks secure the load for dumping and transport increasing ease of use and safety. Load holding valves on all cylinders ensure safe operation and protection against broken hoses. Optional equipment includes hydraulic body