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Hiab is the only vehicle loading crane (vlc) available on the market that has a fully integrated overload and operator protection system. As the exclusive distributors for hiab vehicle loading cranes in western australia, WATM offer the complete range from light capacity to heavy lift cranes.

WATM provide a purpose built installation bay at their Bayswater workshop facility where up to 100 new cranes are installed each year. All Hiab products installed at WATM are overload tested to Australian Standard 1418.11 before delivery. Every Hiab now sold by WATM comes supplied with a factory 'operator and overload protection system' as standard which ensures the safety of the operator and the protection of the crane. As a world leader in the supply of VLC cranes Hiab provide crane systems with more capacity, more precision and more speed than those of its competitors. Hiab work hard to continually develop smart and user-friendly technical solutions that improve the performance and operation of their products, the latest being the HiDuo control system that was designed from specific customer requirements. 


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Multilift is a leading supplier of load handling systems and solutions for logistics and transport professionals. WATM provide an extensive range of Multilift demountables that have become market leaders due to their reputation for excellent reliability and productivity.

The Multilift range includes the popular hooklift system that is suitable for both light and heavy industry applications. The hooklift range varies from 2 to 40 tonnes capacity with tilting and sliding hook options. Complete with a wide selection of features and configurations Multilift products always meet the specific application and operating environment needs of the customer. For more information on the Hiab and Multilift range please contact the WATM Sales Team.

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