Crane repair Service

Throughout its long history WATM has carried out repairs on a wide variety of equipment. Today WATM provides specialised workshop facilities that are purpose built to enable efficient and cost effective repairs, maintenance and complete rebuilds to all of their crane products. Both of WATM's modern service facilities are located in Bayswater, 7km north east of Perth.

Grove and Hiab Crane Support
WATM provide a comprehensive product support network for the Manitowoc, Grove, Pettibone and Hiab brands across the state including breakdown service and onsite repairs.

Major and Minor Servicing
WATM's team of specialist mechanics and technicians provide a professional and safe environment for the major and minor repairs, of all types of mobile and vehicle loading cranes.

10 and 25 year Inspections
WATM offer 10 and 25 year inspections as another function of their specialised maintenance division.

Crane Repair Services

Hiab Installations
The company has a new dedicated Hiab installation workshop where up to 150 new and used Hiabs are installed annually.

WATM holds over 2.9 million dollars worth of Manitowoc, Grove, Pettibone and Hiab parts. With each new model of Grove crane imported, WATM ensure that the recommended parts list for the cranes first ten years of operation are also stocked. For Grove parts that are not held in stock WATM have set-up an express delivery service with DHL which allows parts to be delivered to WATM from the USA or Europe in three to five working days. WATM has also installed a fully integrated barcode system to improve efficiency and accuracy within the supply division.