10 Tips on Buying Used Cranes

Import used cranes or buy local? Our top 10 tips on buying used cranes.

  1. Ask the seller where the crane has been operating. i.e. Has the crane been in use on European roads that are treated with salt during winter?
  2. Ask the seller if the crane is fitted with the options that are needed to operate in your particular climate? i.e. Air conditioning, additional hydraulic oil coolers, data loggers etc.
  3. Check with your local authorities on the requirements for cleanliness when importing used equipment. In Australia, ACQIS requirements are very strict and so buyers need to ensure that the cranes they buy have been extensively cleaned.
  4. Allow additional time to clear the Port. Even if the crane has been extensively cleaned, allowing additional time and possibly making a provision for additional cleaning costs in country could mitigate against potential issues.
  5. Will the used crane comply with local road registration requirements? Check tyre sizes, overall width, axle mass.
  6. For Australian buyers, has the particular make and model of crane that your buying been signed off for Australian design approval?
  7. Ask for a full mechanical and operational report including photos.
  8. Make sure that the seller provides all of the certificates for the crane as you may need these for in country registrations.
  9. Ask if the crane has been involved in any serious accidents? For the Grove and Manitowoc product, WATM may be able to assist with additional ‘background’ checks.
  10. Be very sure about who you are dealing with and the actual product that you are buying.

WATM is here to help! Please feel free to call and speak with one of our team regarding the importation of used cranes.


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