July 12, 2022

Grove GMK4100L-2

PERFECT ALL-ROUNDER The Grove GMK4100L-2 combines compact design with superior strength. It offers impressive load charts and compact dimensions with a narrow width of 2.55 m. In the taxi configuration with 6.8 t on board, it off....

May 12, 2022

Grove GRT8100

Its arrived!     Another new Grove GRT8100, 100-tonne capacity Rough Terrain crane! Packed with all of the latest technology from the European factory, including 47m of Grove's finest, 10.1-17.1m of fly, full ....

December 12, 2021

Grove GMK5250XL

Say Hello! The first Grove GMK5250XL to enter Western Australia! Complete with 78.5 meters of Grove's finest, this crane should certainly make an impact on the 5-axle crane class. With the longest boom and high capacities combine....

November 12, 2021

Grove GMK5150L

Delivery complete! WATM handed over the new Grove GMK5150L to FG Cranes last week, thanks again, we really appreciate the business! The Grove GMK5150L has Cran Control System (CCS) superstructure 2 full graphic displays vertic....

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