July 12, 2022

Grove GMK4100L-2


The Grove GMK4100L-2 combines compact design with superior strength. It offers impressive load charts and compact dimensions with a narrow width of 2.55 m. In the taxi configuration with 6.8 t on board, it offers the best load charts in its class. The remaining counterweight needed to reach full capacity fits on just one standard trailer. The latest EUROMOT 5 engine technology reduces fuel consumption and allows the use of 100% HVO fuel. The new driver’s cab scores with the best comfort and ergonomics for the crane driver.

In December 2020, Manitowoc launched a new driver’s cab on Grove three-axle all-terrain cranes. After the successful introduction of this new generation cab on the GMK3050-3, and GMK3060-2, it is now being added to specific four- and five-axle GMK cranes up to 150 t capacity. The new cab is now available on the GMK4100L-2.

The new carrier cab has a modern design, which meets the latest crash-test requirements. Crane operators benefit from increased space within the cab, while the overall compact dimensions of the all-terrain cranes remain unchanged. Within a 2.55m width, Manitowoc accommodates plenty of features in the interior. Practical compartments in the dashboard, between the seats, and integrated into the vehicle’s doors offer ample space to store loose items and documents – even in DIN A 4 format.

There is further storage space between the driver and passenger seat. The cab interior also incorporates cupholders and USB ports that allow mobile phones and other electronic devices to be charged. An ergonomic driver’s seat with air suspension, armrests, and seat heating come as standard. Operators can easily move between the driver and passenger sides as the central console does not divide the new cab.

Overall, the generous layout of the new operator environment offers a feeling of increased space. “User-friendliness and driver ergonomics were our priorities in the development of the new generation of Grove carrier cabs, so an understanding of operators’ day-to-day work conditions was essential to the process.

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