Grove GMK5150L-1

Grove GMK5150L-1

The new GMK5150L-1 delivers great return on investment due to outstanding lifting capacities and greater jobsite accessibility.

  • Capacity:
  • Boom Length:
  • Fly Length:
    11.2 - 33.8m
  • Tip Height:
  • Number of Winches:
  • Counterweight:


The new GMK5150L-1 delivers great return on investment due to outstanding lifting capacities and greater jobsite accessibility.

A single Tier 4 Final engine powers the crane. The engine drives both the carrier and superstructure, reducing overall weight and lowering fuel consumption, which leads to lower operating and maintenance costs.

The “L” designation for the GMK5150L-1 denotes the fact that it is a “long boom” model that provide more reach for a variety of applications, such as tower crane assembly, narrow lifts in congested cities or reaching over buildings to complete HVAC projects, among many other examples.

The GMK5150L-1 boasts a 60 m boom. MEGAFORM shaping and Twin-Lock pinning ensure these hydraulic booms are among the most stable on the market.

The GMK5150L-1 also feature Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS). The standardised CCS is a user-friendly interface that Manitowoc has introduced on all new all-terrain crane models, as well as crawler cranes, rough-terrain cranes and tower cranes. This makes it easier for fleets to operate and maintain a standardized set of crane controls across several crane types. Its Boom Configurator Mode is especially useful, making it quick and easy for operators to select optimum boom positions for lifts.

Crane Control System (CCS) superstructure

  • 2 Full graphic displays
  • Vertically mounted for better visibility
  • Jog dial for easier input
  • New ergonomic joysticks

Single concept engine provides superstructure operation through one simple and reliable angular gear box. Hydraulic pumps are connected directly with the angular gear box in the centre of the slew bearing.

  • One angular gear box for good fuel consumption
  • Low noise and comfortable operation
  • Less weight for better load charts
  • Less maintenance (only one engine)

Optional split counterweight configuration allows for 24t of counterweigh to be carried on site and either 7.9t or 10.2t on road at 12 tonnes per axle.

Wear-free Integrated Starting and Braking System VIAB is a turbo coupling and integrated retarder all-in-one.  VIAB combines

  • Wear-free starting and manoeuvring
  • Efficient driving with automated manual transmission
  • Wear-free braking

Job site planning Cranimax

  • Best state-of-the-art job site planning with simplified 3D function
  • Intuitive and easy to use software for a quick and accurate verification of load charts, degrees of freedom and calculation of outrigger loadings
  • Single or more cranes multi lift planning
  • All results are calculated depending on crane set-up
  • High class print-outs for job biddings

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