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Used Crane Sales on the Increase!

 THE past quarter has seen some serious action at WATM within the used cranes segment.
Hits (or visits) to our Used Cranes website listings soared dramatically during the period, as did the number of inquiries from various sources around the world for our stock of used cranes. There are many reasons for the spike in buyer interest, however it is likely that Australia is currently seen as being an attractive market for used equipment due to the low value of the Australian Dollar. Additionally, the high safety and maintenance standards required of heavy equipment such as cranes in Australia, give buyers that extra reassurance when buying used cranes from Down Under.

So far this year, WATM has shipped used cranes to Europe, the Middle East and North Asia. And thanks to ongoing marketing efforts, the inquiries keep coming.
WATM has a strong idea of market pricing for used cranes based on historical sales data tracked from global auction sales. However, these prices are never static; especially in the current climate where it appears sellers outnumber buyers. It is important to highlight at this point that WATM are not licensed valuers. All we can do is offer guidance on market pricing. It is still up to the seller to position their price points accordingly to ensure their used cranes remain attractive to potential buyers.
If you would like our help in brokering the sale of your used cranes, please get in touch with Patrick Ng at WATM on +61 8 9271 8000 or email