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WATMs Expanding Local Product Support Fleet

At WATM we are proud of our 40 dedicated years of service to our large and ever increasing list of loyal clients throughout WA. Understanding the ever changing needs of our clients is at the core of how we do business and how we position our business for the next 40 years. This is why WATM is increasing its local service offering with the introduction of its fully equipped service truck to its current fleet of service vehicles for our local GROVE and HIAB clients.

The custom fit out of the service vehicle is designed to allow our trained Technicians to carry out all your major service and repair work wherever your cranes might be in the quickest possible time. And to backup our commitment to service is our Fixed Price Servicing products which give certainty and cost savings to our clients every year and hour your crane is at work. With a strong focus on client service and pricing our priority, now is the time to call for more information on our fleet expansion and service products.