As West Australian agents for Grove since 2000, WATM supply the complete range of Grove mobile
cranes including Rough Terrain with capacities from 25 to 135 tonne, Truck Cranes from 40 to 90
tonne and All Terrain models from 35 to 450 tonne.

Grove All Terrain

Grove All Terrain

When it comes to All Terrain cranes, possibly the most popular and versatile of all is the Grove GMK series. Ranging in capacity from 60 to 450 tonne, the GMK series has been an ongoing success story for WATM in Western Australia since delivery of its first crane, a GMK6200, back in 2000. The GMK range boasts several market leading features including boom technology MeGAFoRM.

Grove Rough Terrain

Grove Rough Terrain

Grove Rough Terrain cranes have been synonymous with the state's mining and construction industry for over 30 years building a reputation for outstanding durability and reliability in some of the world's harshest conditions. More recently the 'e' series Grove RT's offer greater capacities, extended boom lengths and technological advances making them the most versatile and operator-friendly cranes available in today's market ranging in capacity from 30 to 135 Tonne.

Grove Truck Mounted

Grove Truck Mounted

A rapid development phase over the past few years of the original Grove Truck cranes has resulted in the release of the latest 'e' series truck crane, the TMS9000. With a capacity range now of 40 to 90 tonnes this new model continues to enforce the brand's promise of reliability, innovation and ease of use. The 'e' series combines well recognised components from Cummins, Eaton and Rockwell with PAT LMi systems controlling the superstructure.

New features of the 5-Axle crane series - GMK5180 / GMK5200-1 / GML5250L

Crane Control System (CCS) superstructure

  • 2 Full graphic displays
  • Vertically mounted for better visibility
  • Jog dial for earier input
  • New ergonomic joysticks

Single Concept Engine

Carrier engine provides superstructure operation through one simple and reliable angular gear box. Hydraulic pumps are connected directly with the angular gear box in the center of the slew bearing.


  • One angular gear box for good fuel consumpton
  • Low noise and comfortable operation
  • Less weight for better load charts
  • Less maintenance (only one engine)
Counterweight interchangeability

Counterweight interchangeability

Interchangibility with counterweight slabs of GMK5180/GMK5200/GMK5250L and some from GMK6300L

Possible to use same aux. hoist of GMK6300L (small update required)

  • Heavy roadable configuration:
  • 21t maximum on crane for 16t per axle*

Turbo retarder clutch VIAB

Wear-free Integrated Starting and Braking System VIAB is a turbo coupling and integrated retarder all-in-one.

VIAB combines

  • Wear-free starting and maneuvering
  • Efficient driving with automated manual transmission
  • Wear-free braking
Auxiliary boom nose with 2 lines of rope

Auxiliary boom nose with 2 lines of rope

  • Often used for two hook block operation (in combination with the aux. hoist)
  • Turning loads (e.g. precasted loads)

Job site planning Cranimax

Job site planning Cranimax
  • Best state-of-the-art job site planning with simplified 3D function
  • Intuitive and easy to use software for a quick and accurate verification of load charts, degrees of freedom and calculation of outrigger loadings
  • Single or more cranes multi lift planning
  • All results are calculated depending on crane set-up
  • High class print-outs for job biddings