HIAB T-029

A CLX crane is a practical, easy-to-use crane for day-to-day needs.

  • Capacity:
  • Boom Length:
    1.5 - 5.5m
  • Control System:
    CLX / CLX-CE / Duo/ HiDuo


CLX – for straightforward use

A CLX crane is a practical, easy-to-use crane for day-to-day needs. CLX is often the choice for smaller pickup trucks with smaller platforms, such as those used in community services or provided by firms that hire out construction tools. The crane is steered manually by default, but an add-on option can be used to create a basic crane with remote control.

Duo – for additional safety

A Duo crane is manually operated and easy to use, but it automatically adds a higher level of safety. The crane’s SPACE system provides automatic assistance, making it easier to operate the crane safely without special training.  Plus it tracks the crane’s usage, providing valuable statistics and indicating when service

and repairs are needed. For both reasons, Duo is ideal for larger fleets with many drivers at various skill levels

HiDuo – for complete safety and control

A HiDuo crane is the perfect choice for more demanding jobs – and for demanding operators who want total control. Besides safety-enhancing assistance from the SPACE system, a HiDuo crane has SmartControl, which provides additional safety features and enables simultaneous crane movements. Yet another HiDuo feature is the remote control with XS Drive Lite, a high-precision system for maneuvering and positioning goods from the perfect vantage point.

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